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There is nothing worse than being self-conscious about your teeth and your smile. Instead of hiding behind your hand let your grin show. The best way to start on the road to teeth you can be proud of is by making an appointment.

Count on over 50 years of experience.

Quality care at affordable prices

• Veneers

• Teeth whitening

• Bleaching

• Cleanings

• Implant Crowns

Cosmetic procedures available:

Besides regular family dentistry and cosmetic care, you may need treatment for different types of oral conditions. If you are dealing

with bruxism (teeth grinding, clenching),

gum disease, or tooth decay, we want to

help you on the path to better health.

Other conditions we can treat

When you come in to see us, we will walk together through the insecurities you have with your dental health. Let us know what you want to change; we'll talk with you about options and even about costs. Based on which we will set up a treatment plan.

During the consultation

Let us know what you don't like